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“Love Connection” Signature Ear Cuff

  • 12000

Made to order in Golden Brass.  Get the look! - One sultry Signature ear cuff love linked with the ear cuff mini and an angel wing to keep you shining and vicing high.

Care instructions:  Shine and polish using a polish lens cloth as you wish.  Keep dry.  Materials are natural metals so we do not recommend wearing in water.

Fit: One size adjustable as needed.  Designed for right ear.  If your left side is your best side, please contact Royalty Care to customize. 

Materials for those with metal sensitivities: Main signature ear cuff is available in brass or sterling silver upon request.  The mini ear cuff and chain is plated over metal and brass.  Please keep dry to keep your cuff long lasting.

Limited edition collection.  Each cuff is hand designed and made to order while supplies last.  

Contact Royalty Care to customize: inlovewithonyx at 

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